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Ditto Story 5 Summary

Yves, the unofficial Ditto Detective, was deeply distrustful of vampires and the Vampire Fancier. He went to her door and made rude and suspicious remarks, until she slammed the gate in his face. Ashley, Miss President, saw what happened and was surprised that he was so rude to her.

Oceana, the amphibious mermaid, stopped at a pool outside Ditto Town and gave her dragon companions Storme and Wynde a drink. She met Kat the Ditto Rider on patrol, and Kat arranged for her to stay in the Ditto Mansion, where she could use the air conditioner to keep her room at the arctic temperatures she was used to from her home in the far North.

Thundershadow the Unicorn and Erik Silvermoon the Gargoyle met under the night sky outside Ditto Town and decided to build an observatory, as they were both interested in stars. Erik determined that he would bring his mate, Abby, to meet a real live unicorn. Then he went off for a day of stone sleep. Thundershadow drew up plans for the Astronomical Emporium before Aslan called her back for a while to Narnia.

After a gathering of friends for a poetry reading, Cymru went to sleep in her bed in the Cup & Platter. She woke up to see a man in her room, but thought she was dreaming. The next morning, the Jester was in her room, but denied visiting her during the night. However, he began acting very oddly, and then disappeared. Hugh and Kat were very worried by his strange behavior.

The Phoenix Archer was walking in the woods when she came across an old enemy with two men moving a heavy box. However, the enemy threw a powder on her to erase that part of her memory. Erik (waking from his stone sleep) found her and revived her before it had fully taken effect, so she partially remembered the encounter, but couldn’t remember who her enemy was. When her three teenaged phoenix companions arrived, they went digging for nearby historical artifacts. Miss President happened upon them just as they found 17 glowing crystals under an ancient chest in the ground. They left 15 of them, while Vanessa/Phoenix Archer and Ashley/Miss President each took one for analysis. The Phoenix Archer’s enemy eventually picked up the other 15 crystals, and the Organization obtained them from her. The enemy hired the Ditto Hunter to catch Phoenix Archer, so she could find out how much she remembered about the attack.

As Ashley was working on the crystal, Nevaeh the mysterious cloaked woman came into her lab unexpectedly. Ashley and Nevaeh both saw that suddenly Ashley’s hand was glowing bright green. Nevaeh gasped, recognizing the crystal. Ashley was very uncomfortable, not understanding what was going on, and she covered her hand with a glove.

Yves the Ditto Detective, having been made a citizen by the uncomfortable MP, went into the Cup and Platter and picked a fight with Giles, inducing the vampire to bite him. Giles, horrified at the consequences of having tasted human blood, fled in panic to the Vampire Fancier. Cymru kicked Yves out of the Pub, and the Jester splashed him into the fountain.

After having similar dreams, Kat and Lianna discovered a holographic recording of Kat’s parents in a cave. It told them that they had special abilities together that they had yet to discover, especially if they could be reunited with Lianna’s time-travelling sister Olivia. Their abilities came from the fact that all three drank some experimental Organziation water as children. The Organization had been hunting for them ever since. They were not able to play the message to the end, however.

Cymru attempted to follow Giles to the VF’s compound, but got lost in the woods. She was found by an old friend, Ethan, whom she had not seen in a very long time. Ethan was her only friend in the years she lived in isolation under the Professor’s guardianship.

Erik decided to try out the amulet he had inherited from his grandmother which would supposedly allow him to stay awake during the day. But just as he was putting it on, Nevaeh came upon him in the woods. They initially distrusted one another, but came to understand that they both wished to fight evil.

The Vampire Fancier locked Giles in a kennel because he had tasted human blood. Cymru and Ethan, joined by Kat, made their way to her compound. Ethan revealed that he had been sent to Ditto Town to find Kat, Lianna, and Olivia. At that moment, Kat discovered that she could not only feel Lianna’s emotions, but could telepathically communicate with her, so she asked Lianna to come. Using their joint powers, Kat and Lianna managed to erase Giles’ memory of the attack so that it would be as if he had not tasted human blood.

Oceana found the Ditto Town Fountain and remembered what her dragon-guardian Colhyn had said, that when she found the Fountain of Youth she would be faced with a terrible choice. Burdened with uncertainty and heavy thoughts, she turned for companionship to Song. Later, after she went for a swim, she was visited by Colhyn.

Yves, troubled by what he had done, asked to talk to MP privately. He told her that he had learned from observing Giles’ love for Cymru that not all vampires are evil. MP, distrusting him, took him to the jail, but ended up handing him over to the Vampire Fancier. The VF shut him in with some of her vampires so that he could learn more about them and learn that they weren’t all evil.

Thundershadow returned to Ditto Town, but disguised herself as a cart horse so that she could inconspicuously survey what was going on in the town. Erik knew her secret identity and agreed to check in with her daily for updates. Cymru, planning to visit Giles at the VF’s compound, saw Thundershadow in disguise and “adopted” her to ride. While Cymru and Giles were visiting, and Thundershadow waited outside, Erik met the Vampire Fancier who had always been very curious about gargoyles.

Ethan explained to Kat and Lianna that the Organization wanted them and Olivia to study their abilities. The girls’ parents had sent them into hiding to prevent this. Meanwhile, they and Ethan had discovered the Organization’s true corruption and begun to work to fight it. He refused to tell them more until Cymru rejoined them, as he wanted her to hear the rest of the story too. While they waited, Kat and Lianna were called out to battle an outbreak of Originalities from the rampaging evil hamsters.

Emily, having learned that Lianna’s sister Olivia had returned from her time travels to the present in her hometown, set off on Lianna’s horse Saxon to find her. She persuaded her to come to Ditto Town.

Giles revealed to Cymru that he already knew Ethan. They set back off to town so that Ethan could explain the whole story.

Yves was left alone with the vampires of the compound. He discovered to his surprise that he could discover their language. A telepathic vampire named Galadriel began to probe his thoughts, but he became frightened and ran away. He went to the Pub for Giles’s help. Eventually, however, he decided to go back to the compound to ask Galadriel what she had learned about him.

Ethan, Giles, Cymru, Kat, and Lianna gathered at the Pub so that Ethan could give his explanation. (It quickly became apparent that Ethan and Giles both had feelings for Cymru.) Ethan explained that he now worked for the Alliance, a group fighting the Organization. The Organization began by seeking scientific power to eliminate disease and war, and to discover helpful technology. However, it became deeply corrupted by its own power. It turned to genetic engineering to achieve its goals. Cymru’s parents were a part of that program, and she herself was engineered to be the mother of a “perfect” human race, while a male child was engineered to be the father. When they tried to leave, she was taken from them and given to the Professor. Eventually, the Alliance orchestrated her escape.The Organization also wanted Kat, Lianna, and Olivia because of their special powers, which it had not succeeded in duplicating. Cymru and Kat and Lianna were drawn to Ditto Town by the power of the fountain, which tended to attract the enemies of evil. The meeting was broken up by Olivia’s arrival in town and her reunion with Lianna.

Galadriel revealed to Yves that he had a subconscious trigger, buried deep in his mind, that would cause him to kill Cymru, Kat and Lianna on command, as the Organization’s backup plan.

Ethan and Giles talked about the fact that they were both in love with Cymru, but remained friends. A blue-eyed stranger appeared in town, first watching Ethan and Giles, then frightening Katherine, Cymru, and Rock On Girl. The three women decided to go to the jail to talk to Org villain J, to see if he could tell them anything about the mysterious man, but he refused to say anything helpful.

Oceana revealed to Song that she was a mermaid with enormous power over water. Collhyn then told Oceana that she could permanently adjust to Ditto Town’s climate by drinking the water of the fountain, but she would not be able to return to the Arctic after that.

Brianna met J’aec, a young man with a troubled past, and gave him a quick tour of Ditto Town, showing him the Inn Between as a place to stay. The Vampire Fancier, tired of dealing with her rebellious vampires, decided to go away and leave them on their own for a while. She encountered the Phoenix Archer and learned her secret identity, but promised not to tell. Left to himself, Yves exiled himself from Ditto Town so as to avoid any trigger that could make him kill the women, but Cymru felt sorry for him and put out baskets of food for him.

Giles and Ethan agreed that they would take turns watching over Cymru, Kat, Lianna, and Olivia. In spite of their agreement to remain friends, jealousy sprang up when Ethan kissed Cymru.

Erik went home to see his mate, Abby, and discovered that she was pregnant. The two of them returned to Ditto Town to meet Thundershadow, since Abby had always wanted to see a real unicorn.

Kat was given a key by a mysterious older man. She, Lianna, Liv, and Ethan used it to play the rest of their parents’ holographic message. They learned that their abilities were the result of mixing the waters of their home fountain and the Ditto Town fountain, and that the same genetic engineering program that produced Cymru also produced a man with the code name of Adam. Just then, the four of them were captured by some Org soldiers. However, the Gibsons managed to produce a force field that stopped bullets and allowed them to escape.

The blue-eyed stranger introduced himself to Cymru as Ian Jones. He still made her uncomfortable, but she tried to be friendly to him. She left, riding the disguised Thundershadow, to run errands for the upcoming Christmas party. She discovered that things were amiss at the VF’s compound (due to the VF’s absence). She then encountered Yves, who berated her for choosing Ethan over Giles. Eventually Cymru explained to him how complicated her feelings were, and he was able to have some sympathy, but he continued to believe she should choose Giles.

Oceana went for a swim and accidentally found the dwarf caves, where she met Narka-shen. The visit was reported to Darth Devariacate, who also lived in the caves.

DD decided to attend Cymru’s Christmas party. Almost everyone in the town came to it, beautifully dressed. Erik brought his mate Abby, and they met the Tireless Engineer, who offered to help build the Astronomical Emporium. Eric introduced Abby to Thundershadow.

Yves warned Giles and Ethan that Ian was a danger to Cymru. Meanwhile, Thundershadow the Unicorn overheard Ian contacting the Organization and discussing plans to abduct Cymru, but she did not have time to warn anyone. The Vampire Fancier sent a box of presents to the party; Cymru’s present was a kiss on the lips from Giles, which shocked her, because she’d convinced herself he did not love her. Confused and upset, she stormed out to the stable, where she ran into Ian. He tried to grab her, but Yves arrived and Ian was forced to leave. However, Yves had been “triggered” and tried to choke Cymru. At the last moment, he stopped himself and kissed her instead. Thundershadow tried to charge him just as Ethan, Giles, Katherine and Lianna came to her rescue. Thundershadow was shot and her body vanished. Yves was wounded.

Cymru’s friends took her into the Pub to tend her. When Katherine stepped outside, she saw Ian riding out of town and realized that he was plotting against Cymru. By listening, she learned that he was the Organization’s “Adam” (genetically perfect male) and this was why he wanted Cymru. However, Kat was then drugged and captured. She escaped, but was freezing to death when she was rescued by Erik and Abby. Kat realized that she would be most effective in foiling the Org’s plans if everyone thought she was dead, so she blocked her mental bond with Lia and Liv and disguised herself.

Liv and Lia cared for the wounded Yves. In a dream, Yves finally realized that his “memory” of killing Ellen, the woman he had loved who looked like Cymru, was false; the Organization had killed her and then brainwashed him.

After hearing from Storme and Wynde that everyone she loved in the Arctic had been killed in a battle, Oceana finally made the decision to swim in the Ditto Fountain and permanently adjust to Ditto Town’s climate. Song and the Tireless Engineer, meeting for the first time, spent the afternoon comforting her. They discovered Lark, a wind elemental fairie, who had walked into town nearly dead from hunger after fleeing a mysterious trouble from her past.

Ethan and Cymru declared their love for one another, as a healing Yves encouraged Giles to propose to Cymru. Giles relieved Ethan in guarding over Cymru, and finally told her that he loved her. She said that she had loved both him and Ethan, but had already made her promise to Ethan. Giles promised to remain her friend. Meanwhile, Song was reunited with her long-lost love Tyler (Mahtan), who was working for the Tireless Engineer. Oceana fell in love with Eruheran, another of the TE’s employees, but she wrongly assumed that he was in love with the TE and so she tried to avoid him.

Giles was called out by a note, Hugh was disabled by a thunderstorm, and Ethan was drugged by Org soldiers. Ian found Cymru alone and used the chance to kidnap her. After being drugged, Cymru woke up in the back of a wagon, and Ian revealed to her that he was “Adam,” her genetically engineered counterpart. Ian was being helped by an older man named Marcus who did not know what was going on. The remaining residents of Ditto Town searched fruitlessly for Cyrmu. Then Cymru’s father Iaffin arrived in Ditto Town to help; it turned out he had been Ethan and Giles’ comrade in the Alliance for some time.

Disguised as “Trudy,” a mute horse-wrangler, Kat gained a job in the Organization camp, where she was treated kindly by two women named Lara and Tara. She was forced to join a horse-stealing raid, and was wounded. Abby had meanwhile managed to briefly make contact with Cymru, but she was forced to leave her in order to save Katherine.

“#1” in the Organization talked to #4, the Professor who raised Cymru. #1 then called one of his slave evil vampires and ordered him to prepare the troops for an attack on humans.

In light of the events in town, the Tireless Engineer told Cymru’s friends her own story. The half-elvish TE was manipulated before birth, without her parents’ knowledge, as a follow-up experiment to Cymru. However, the Org was disappointed that she did not immediately show special talents. When she was four, her parents disappeared and she and her younger sister were sent to live with an evil aunt. The TE, however, developed talents in academics (especially engineering) at a very young age. When she was 8, she arranged for her younger sister to live with good elvish relatives, while she herself pursued her studies elsewhere. She learned about the Organization, learned that either the Dark Fancier or the head of the Organization was responsible for the deception, and set herself to fight against them. After she finished, Yves revealed that he knew Ian from his days in the Organization. Then the remaining Ditto Team members (Lianna, Friend, and Song) arrived and formally offered to partner with the Alliance in order to find Cymru and protect the town.

Ian stopped briefly with Cymru at the camp where Kat was working in disguise. Kat managed to let Cymru know telepathically who she was. Ian soon took her to the house of the Professor, who he called “Uncle.” Meanwhile, the anti-Organization forces gathered in the Pub. Iaffin mentioned that Giles had not yet “revealed his cover” to Cymru, and said he would someday have to explain it to her—and the death of her chicken Da Vinci.

The Tireless Engineer told Oceana all that was going on in the fight against the Organization, and Oceana offered to use her powers as a Siren to help. The TE proved to be Song’s long-lost sister, Aria. (Song was the younger sister she sent to live with the Elves.) Oceana had a scare when she learned that the dragon Collhyn who raised her was actually one of the Enigmata, a race that had massacred her own. But she later learned that he and his mate Ekko (who she had known as Storme and Wynde) had hated what their people did and had taken her to protect her from the others.

Olivia told Lianna that, during her time travels into the future, she had married her good-for-nothing boyfriend Lance. He turned abusive, and she left him to come back to the present. She was also several months pregnant. Katherine left the Org camp and assumed a new disguise as Raina, and got a job with the Tireless Engineer so that she could be close to Ditto Town but still unseen. She listened in to the conversation at the Pub so that she would know what was going on; Giles spotted her, but agreed to keep her secret. Giles told the council that his relatives had found a gathering of Org soldiers a day’s ride away that were planning to invade Ditto Town. Olivia and Lianna mustered the Ditto Town people, the vampires, and the Anti-Ditto Team to fight for the town.

The Phoenix Archer and her phoenixes joined forces with Ditto Hunter (Sage), his wife Galacia, and her pet “Puppy Dragon” to protect the town.

Yves found his way to the Professor’s mansion and persuaded Marcus to help him rescue Cymru. However, the Professor caught Yves before he could do anything. He revealed that Ian and Yves were actually brothers, and Yves said it was Ian who killed Ellen. The Professor injected Cymru with a truth serum to learn what she knew about the residents of Ditto Town. Meanwhile, Marcus, having heard the Professor say he was planning to kill Cymru, set off on his own and found Cymru’s rescue team (Iaffin, Giles, and Ethan) and told them what he knew.

The battle for Ditto Town began. Katherine for the first time drew a special sword given her by the elves, and after being hidden in a column of light, re-appeared in her usual form, but with a single lock of white hair. The Organization used a machine to block the Gibsons’ abilities, but they were able to overcome and destroy it.

Lark, the wind elemental, recovered from her exhaustion in The Inn Between. However, her wind inadvertently caused some damage when she was frightened, and she agreed to work for Boo Kay to pay her debt. When the battle began, she was very reluctant to join. Her attempt to help did not succeed, and she was captured by an Org soldier who nearly destroyed her by repeating that he did not believe in faeries. Abby rescued her.

Tara Brecker, one of the Org soldiers who had been kind to Kat, was part of the force that was sent to attack Ditto Town. For the first time, she really doubted the Organization was doing the right thing. Then she saw Org soldiers bringing in a deadly weapon, the Stinger, that would annihilate all life within a quarter-mile radius if it were detonated. Before she could do anything, she was knocked out for the remainder of the battle.

The Professor told Yves that Cymru and Ian were believed to actually be immortal. He wanted to test the theory by trying to kill one of them. He told Yves that Yves could first try to kill Ian for the test, then actually kill him in the only sure way (by cutting off his head), and then the Professor would give Cymru to Yves. Yves decided this was the only way out for Cymru, and she attracted him because she looked like Ellen. Ian overheard the conversation, and decided to steal Cymru for himself. In the confusion, Cymru climbed out an upper-story window and tried to climb down the side of the house. Yves climbed out after her. Cymru helped him realize that he was in love with Ellen, not her; then Ian in anger tried to shoot Yves, but the bullet hit Cymru instead. She fell to the ground with a bullet in her heart, and broke her neck.

The battle for Ditto Town dragged on through the night and into the next morning. Miss President Ashley and the mysterious Nevaeh discovered that the crystals gave them the power to shoot a deadly laser beam from their hands; they found the one the Phoenix Archer had hidden, and used it and the one Ashley had, to stage demoralizing guerilla attacks on the Org troops before dawn. Olivia time-travelled with many Ditto soldiers, including the gargoyles, in order to give them rest before they had to continue fighting.

Song and Tyler went into battle together, but Song was badly wounded. Tyler was trying to save her when he was attacked by Org troops. Oceana saved them by luring away the attacking soldiers with her siren voice and locking them in a prison of solid ice. Eventually the Puppy Dragon melted the ice and scattered the soldiers.

As dawn broke on the battle, the Ditto forces struggled to keep going. Lianna had a sudden message from a mysterious Voice. She had Olivia stop time for all the Ditto troops, and she made a speech to them in which she revealed that the Gibsons’ powers were strengthened by the love of the townspeople. When the battle resumed, the tide began to turn in their favor. The leader of the Org troops, Luke Samford, released his secret weapon: an army of robotic balls that released a poisonous gas. The plot was foiled by the Gibsons, the Puppy Dragon, and some older dragons that the PD brought. Luke was killed, and the Org troops finally gave up and ran for their lives.

Tara regained consciousness to find she had been taken prisoner by Emily. She convinced the Gibsons of the danger of the Stinger, and they began to make a plan to keep it from destroying the town. Eventually, they used all of the Gibson’s abilities to transport it to a remote time and place where a previous Stinger had already wrought devastation. To avoid unnecessarily killing some nearby Org soldiers, the Gibsons generated a force field around the Stinger that prevented it from hurting anyone. The force field did the job but then shattered like glass, and the shards formed a pink transparent globe, which they gave to Tara for safekeeping.

The Professor immediately began studying Cymru, who was hurt but not killed by two “fatal” injuries. Her rescue team reached the Professor’s mansion and arranged to break in. Ethan finally killed Ian, but was badly wounded in the process. Iaffin used his knowledge to turn the Professor’s own holograms against him, and the team rescued a very weak Cymru. They destroyed the evil mansion and the Professor. But as they escaped, Ethan was forced to extreme exertions to save Cymru, and he himself died of his wound.

Abraham Lincoln the musical cricket foiled an escape attempt by the Org soldiers in the jail by alerting other town members. They also apprehended an Org spy, who had kidnapped two elves named Lessien and Gilraen. The townspeople went to the Cup and Platter for a victory celebration as Cymru and her remaining rescuers arrived home. Cymru offered Tara a temporary position at the Pub until Tara could decide what to do. Cymru and Yves made up and agreed to love one another as brother and sister. Yves began to see Ellen in his dreams. Lianna, Olivia, and Kat headed out of town for much-needed vacations.