Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ditto Story Index Pages 1-5

Greetings, NarniaWebbers!! This little page is meant to help us track the new Ditto Story. I'm posting the summaries of each segment (I wrote summaries for the segs that didn't have one). It would help a lot if everyone would post a summary, even if your seg is short!

Thanks, and enjoy.

Page 1:

MissPole: Introduction

Ryadian: Vanessa goes back to the site where she found the 17 crystals, but all traces of the thief have vanished. She still can’t remember who attacked her. Suddenly she hears a rustling in the bushes, and goes with her knife to investigate.

GreenLady76: Lark, who accumulated a small debt to Boo-Kay in the previous story, has been working to pay the bucket by performing various tasks around the Inn Between. She is almost ready to make the final payment, but a slight mis-hap with the dusting puts her into Boo-Kay's debt once again.

Stardf29: Isaac, the Star Defender, has landed his ship, only to find that he has lost connections with his fellow Star Defenders, his abilities have been “reset” to those of a beginner, all his food supplies have been spoiled, and he has no money. In fact, he is in another universe. He fears going out into the foreign world, but does so in order to convince himself that he’s not a coward, as well as to get food and possibly a job. He finds Ditto Town, but stops when he sees a mysterious woman approach him.

Starkat: A tall young man named Ryder Knight and his horse Print ride into Ditto Town. Ryder stables his horse and goes into the Cup and Platter for a drink of water. He tells Hugh that he is a handyman by trade. Hugh tells him he can get a room at the Inn Between.

Leuthilalda: Toby remembers the conversation he had with Aslan the previous night, where Aslan told him that they would be leaving Narnia to start a branch of his ministry in a new land.

Dittohunter: DH and Galacia are walking back to wherever they live, and Galacia is having trouble convincing DH to tell her about his past. When he won’t, she becomes increasingly desperate and reminds him that elves can be killed by emotional stress. Then DH passes out, and she brings him back. After that she finally gets him to tell. He "breaks down and she helps him!"

Stargazer: Aimee (the Tireless Engineer) has nearly completed the Astronomical Emporium that she and Erik planned. She has included a special surprise for Erik and Abby: a strongly guarded place for them to raise their egg.

Prince Corin: Rodo the Guard rides his eagle Soras invisibly into Ditto Town. He goes into the pub and sees vampires, goblins, and a dragon, so he stays invisible. When one of the goblins threatens Hugh, Rodo devours him with a fireball from his sword. But the others attack him and he escapes through a hole he blasts in the pub wall. The dragon breathes fire after him.

Coraline:The Gibson sisters, Lianna Gibson and Olivia Nix, prepare for their departure from Ditto Town. Olivia is seven months pregnant.

Earel Alquawen: MM ponders ways to recruit more people to fight against *the word.*

BERNINBUSH: Tara is still working for Cymru in exchange for food and shelter, but she hates it. She is deeply ashamed of the role she played in the Organization, and she hasn't yet told her family what happened. She is in the Pub when a scuffle breaks out with vampires, goblins, a dragon, and an invisible person. When they are all gone, Tara suggests Hugh hire a handy man to repair the damage.

Leuthilalda: Rose starts to tell her dream about Dittopia to Toby.

Starkat: Tara hires Ryder Knight to make repairs to the Cup and Platter. Ryder also provides Boo -kay with a new handle.

Page 2:

Leuthilalda: Rose continues describing her dream to Toby.

Lysander: Yves has been acquitted of all charges against him. He, Marcus, and Emily have started a partnership as Detectives.

Prince Corin: Rodo defeats the bad guys, and offers to help repair the mess in the Cup and Platter.

Leuthilalda: Bob the Pony, Sea-Lily, Toby, and Rose reflect on their pending departure.

Ryadian: Vanessa doesn’t find the who made the mysterious noise, but he’s there. He calls himself Warren, and reports to someone that he thinks Vanessa knows about the crystals. Meanwhile, Brianna/Rose is worried because she’s turning 18 years old, and something happens to 18-year-old phoenixes that is making her nervous.

Masked Rider: This is how Ditto-Bot and Mini-Bot were first created.

Prince Corin: Ryder, Hugh, Rodo, Soras and Tara clean up the pub. Tara tells Rodo that not all vampires and dragons are evil—there are good ones in Ditto Town. Rodo finds the dragon’s lair and collects some treasure, then goes to rest at the Inn Between.

Lysander: Yves gets his first mission via phone from La Daneuse, the local dance teacher. One of her cats has gone missing. The Detective, his loyal mouse Cerberus, and Marcus go to investigate. Emily the reporter tags along. They find the cat torn to pieces in a tree, and see a vampire running off into the forest.

Ellesar: Rana, mourning her father and brother, tells her mother and sister that she’s going out for the day. As she walks out of town, she meets a man she’s never seen before.

Stardf29: Isaac and Rana meet. Isaac tells her a little about himself, and asks if she can help him find either money or food.

Lysander: Yves goes to the Vampire Fancier’s compound and asks Methos if the vampire who killed the cat could have been one of theirs. Methos says no, and suggests it might have been one of the evil vampires who live in that direction. Yves asks Methos to ask the VF if she breeds her vampires with specific fabrics in mind.

GreenLady76: Lark is on her way to return the ladder she borrowed from Hugh when she meets Erik Silvermoon. The two decide to meet at the Pub later that night to discuss Lark's people, the Fae.

Equip14: Darnia the robot and his pet toaster Dingty go for a walk, but Darnia is having a bad day. He looks up at Erik walking by with the ladder, and falls over backwards.

Leuthilalda: Toby, Rose, Sea-Lily and Bob start to say Goodbye

Page 3:

Gwendolen: The Nominator of Novelty is sitting in a tree watching the townspeople, when she uncharacteristically falls out of it.

Ellesar: Rana invited Isaac to her house for a meal, and Isaac accepted. They're now sitting at the table enjoying the meal, and Samantha (Rana's older sister) asked Isaac to tell a little about himself.

Masked Rider: Ditto-Bot goes out in the moonlight, and sees a young woman with gleaming wings land beside him.

Ryadian: Brianna, on patrol, encounters the Ditto-Bot and learns that the Ditto Mechanic built him three days ago. They are distracted when the power blinks off for several seconds.

Wyntre_Rose: Oceana is restless and moody, and decides to leave Ditto Town for a few days. She is followed by Collhyn and Ekko, who accompany her.

Stardf29: Isaac goes to have dinner with Rana’s family. During which, Rana’s mother suggests that Isaac leave an ad in the town newspaper asking for a job. A power outage allows him to show his quick reflexes and speed and his elemental cards in action. Afterwards, he and Rana’s family learn more about each other and become friends. Isaac then leaves for The Dittopian Thread to place the ad before he goes back to his ship for some training. Meanwhile, Julius meets a hamster.

Prince Corin: Rodo gets up in the morning and has a conversation with Boo-Kay about what a talking bucket eats. Then he goes over to the Cup and Platter and buys a loaf of bread.

Leuthilalda: The rescue team suddenly meets a new friend, and gains a new member. Everyone says their final good-byes, and those that are leaving start off.

Lysander: Cymru comes downstairs to pop some popcorn and finds Yves still awake. He tells her that he can’t sleep, because Ellen, his dead love who was killed by Ian, is not visiting his dreams anymore. She reminds him that they were just dreams, and he can’t marry a fantasy. At this, he recoils and reprimands her for convicting him of not letting the dead lie when she herself ignores Giles because she loved Ethan too, and now he is dead. Cymru goes upstairs, and Yves cries himself to sleep in sorrow and shame.

Jints: Chica, a new creature to the regions of Ditto Town, finds her way from the forest to the Town Square by using her head and persuading a nearby rabbit to let her ride on its back.

GreenLady76: Lark and the Silvermoons meet at the Cup and Platter, where Erik must inform Lark that her family history is completely false.

GreenLady76: Lark struggles to fall asleep and contemplates everything that Erik and Abby have told her about her family.

Leuthilalda: The travelers travel until they enter Dittopia.

Stardf29: Isaac goes to The Dittopian Thread to post an ad, as he's looking for a job. What he gets is a full-fledged interview by the editor-in-chief, Emily the raccoon. Julius shows his skills to MM's hamster (turning *the word* on the town sign magically upside-down in the process), and the hamster decides to take him to MM so that he can help the team against *the word*.

Page 4:

Jints: Chica reflects at the Ditto Town fountain

GreenLady76: Lark awakens the next morning to see a "thief" trying to break into Boo-Kay's new office. She uses her wind powers the throw a book at him and narrowly misses him. The "thief" turns out to be Ryder, who is not trying to break in, but is repairing the doorknob.

Sir Vincent: In the middle of town square what looks like a wardrobe appears. A short man stumbles out of the "wardrobe". There is blood dripping from his forhead. He manages to say,
"Is this Ditto Town of Narniaweb"? "I must speak with the President."
With that he falls to the ground.

Coraline: Sisters Lianna Gibson and Olivia Nix discuss the purpose of their journey and the impending return of Olivia's husband Lance. Olivia reveals that Lance is time-travelling, and she is afraid of him.

Starkat: Katherine Grayson reunites with her mother and learns some news that sends her back to Ditto Town to find someone.

Alora-lindea: Song escapes to the forest to prepare a gift for her betrothed, and prepare herself for her upcoming wedding

Starkat: Ryder goes for a ride and thinks about the aunt who raised him, and the "missing" pieces of his life.

Ellesar: Rana spends the day in the forest, remembering her childhood and the accident that had happened 2 years earlier.

Stardf29: After Isaac wraps up his meeting with Emily, he walks out and finds a hairbrush in the town fountain, which he procures for further investigation. He then goes back to his ship to train and reflect on the day. He feels a need to protect Ditto Town from The Organization he learned about, but he still wants to return home somehow...

Lysander: At breakfast, everyone noticed both Yves and Cymru were out of sorts. Neither spoke much at all, and not a word was whispered between the two. Yves himself looked almost a madman. Most thought he was thinking about the vampire he had seen, but if so, why was he simply pacing?

Stardf29: Isaac goes for a morning run, but gets attacked by evil vampires in a forest glade north of Ditto Town. He wards off the group, but not before his shield breaks and his stamina is nearly completely drained. He drags his way over to Ditto Town, and several meters away from it, he sees a man pacing back and forth and cries out weakly for help before he collapses out of fatigue.

Cymru: Iaffn and Cymru have a heart to heart talk about her mourning over the loss of Ethan and her newfound immortality.

Sir Vincent: No one seems to notice a new stranger appear in Dittodown. He arrives in a mysterious teleporting wardrobe. He is a small balding man with a goatee yelling that he needs to see the president. He has a head injury and falls right in front of the fountain. As he has about to breathe his last breath he transforms into a young 10 year old boy who has partial amnesia but remembers something about a woman with a glowing star on her left hand.

Earel Alquawen: MM is warned of Julius' impending arrival and gets ready to meet him.

Page 5:

JillPole: Erik is alone in the Astronomical Emporium when he discovers that Thundershadow the Unicorn, his dear friend who died some time ago, has returned.

BERNINBUSH: Tara goes for an early morning walk to a spot in the woods where she hid the pink globe made of the Gibson girls' force field. As she holds it in her hands, something happens.

lysander: Yves finds Isaac half-dead outside the woods. He takes him to the Apothecary, but then leaves. After that, it slowly becomes known that he has disappeared. Most consider him lost or kidnapped, but Cymru knows in her heart he has run off, and the bullet that was meant for him festers in her heart.

starkat: Katherine breaks camp and begins to head for Ditto Town again.

BERNINBUSH: Tara discovers that the globe gives her visions of Kat, Lianna, and Olivia. She suspects that she is seeing and hearing what they are really doing at that moment.

leuthilalda: The travelers look around where they have come, and decide to settle down for the night, before traveling farther.

Prince Corin: Rodo and Soras set out to look for the evil people who sent out the dragon and his followers to Ditto Town. Soon they find something.

leuthilalda: Rose has a very disturbing dream, indicating that they are still in danger from the organization, and containing some stuff that they cannot figure out at all.

Daughter of Eve: Lithoniel the elf is found and rescued by Lyon the griffin after a dragon attack on her home.

GreenLady76: The night Lark ran away, she left a note for her friend Darien. Darien suspects that Lark has not told him the truth in this letter, and his suspisions are confirmed when he receives a letter from Lark's aunt, saying that the information she gave him is false.

Cymru: Giles visits Cymru and learns that a talk with her father has left her in much higher spirits. Giles also discovers that he has growing jealousy of Yves. Finally, he learns that Cymru has been having terrible chest pain which leads to fainting, etc.

BERNINBUSH: Tara stumbles across the Bernin Bush in the woods, with silky hair-like needles and small flames that consume nothing. She finds a moment of peace in contemplating it, but soon realizes she must hurry if she is to reach the Pub in time for the morning rush.

lysander: Cerberus, Yves' intelligent rat, can no longer find solace in his beloved peanuts. He is dejected at being left behind.

starkat: Ryder went out riding and bumped into Tara on her way back to Ditto Town. Ryder offered Tara a ride back to town, and after a few minutes, she accepted the offer.