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Ditto Story Index Pages 11-15

Page 11:

Ryadian: Warren and a group of men working for the "woman" go to a little ways behind the power plant and attach a wire to a cable, giving them direct access to Ditto Town’s power supply.

Stargazer: Erik and Chica observe atop the Emporium; Erik gives her a description of some of the people and history of Ditto Town. He offers her a place to stay; Abby arrives and is excited about meeting a pixie.

Coraline: Elana meets with Olivia's husband Lance, and arranges for a kidnapping. Lance meets his crew, a band of pirates.

Starkat: The Ditto Rider returns to Ditto Town. Meets Ryder Knight and he asks to escort her into town.

Cymru: Iaffn and Giles discuss his departure. The two are concerned for Cymru and decide that she must have some assurance before Giles leaves town. They also briefly discuss suspicions about Yves and Giles' value to both the Organization and the Alliance. If his mission fails, Giles wants Cymru to know the truth and that she is loved. Iaffn tells him that he should tell her this last part himself. With his last words, we also learn that Iaffn will be journeying with him.

Nennare: Wink is re-assigned from Neverland to Ditto Town, and is glad of the change. She will be working with a girl with a strange name.

BERNINBUSH: Miriam the Berninbush is lost in her own thoughts, which are rather incomprehensible to outsiders.

Leuthilalda: Toby talks to Rantim about the possibility of building a
home/mission for them. Rantim delivers some veiled prophecies, and suggests
that they register with the President. They head off in the direction of the
town to do that.

EasternMarshes: Frith the jester decided to leave his former country and journey to Ditto Town, with the ambition of taking over as the Ditto Town Jester.

Earel Alquawen: MM tests Juius on his loyalty to originality and starts up the D-wars. Appearances by Bob Saget and mysterious figure pacing in the window of the Inn Between.

Levibarjonas: Frist encounters the Eternal Ophthamist, and they strike up an understanding.

Cymru: Giles and Iaffn say goodbye to Cymru. Giles tells her he is coming back. Iaffn will return even sooner. They depart.

Starkat: Katherine and Ryder go their seperate ways. Katherine takes a look around town, attempts to remove some of the traces of the Anti-Ditto attack, and someone grabs her from behind.

Earel Alquawen: Julius passes the test, Connor approaches MM about something that's worrying him

Page 12:

Jints: The gargoyles cause Chica to goggle

EasternMarshes: The EO brings Frith to the Looney Asylum, where he sets him up with quarters. After some time alone with his thoughts, Frith goes to find the D-tt- Fool and challenges him to a battle of wits and rhyme.

Starkat: Ryder leave Katherine, goes back to his room to call his aunt.

Prince Corin: Joey the Ewok kills a dragon, then talks to Hugh.

Starkat: Katherine and a hooded figure talk about the danger to her and her cousins. Emily interrupts. Emily agrees to keep the secret meeting secret and leaves. The hooded figure leaves.

Daughter of Eve: Lithoniel takes an evening walk and is attacked by a group of hungry orcs and a cyclops. She is rescued.

Levibarjonas: The EO takes a stroll and learns a secret he probably shouldn't know

Prince Corin: The three kill a black dragon, and follow some orcs until they come across an elf. Then they help her kill the orcs.

GreenLady76: Lark dreams that she and her loved ones are being tormented by the man who caused the accident which kills her father. When she wakes up, she prays that the Lord will keep Darien safe and away from her presence.

Marigold Gamgee: Marian and co. meet Hugh and Nennare. Nennare mentions a job opening at the library and offers to show Marian the way there.

Earel Alquawen: MM overhears two Org spies discussing a secret way in to the hidden Ditto Fountain.

Daughter of Eve: Lithoniel becomes aquainted with her rescuers, Rodo, Soras, and Cookie, and learns of their plans to rescue Cookie's companions.

BERNINBUSH: Hearing a rumor that Kat is back in town, Tara goes to the Ditto Town Post Office to collect information and her mail. She chats with the postmistresses, sister snails Shelly and Katy Freeway. However, something in one of her letters gives her a terrible shock.

Shawna: Spike wanders. A brief explanation of the mating habits of vampires.

Page 13:

Leuthilalda: Will starts looking for an evil gang to join, but finds it harder than he thought

JillPole: Aria, Oceana, and Eruhan all have bad dreams. Oceana decides to return to Ditto Town.

Stardf29: The ghosts Jean and Claude laugh over the short single-house power outage they created at the Peters' house while Isaac was eating over there. Suddenly, they see the entire town suffer a power outage, and they go investigate. At the power plant, they spy a metal hook attached to a barren piece of wire, so Claude plays another practical joke by unhooking the hook and placing a block of frozen de-ionized water under the hook.

Starkat: Talia comes to town. She and Ryder set out in a search for Katherine

Coraline: Lianna checks her messages, and the Gibson sisters decide to return to Ditto Town.

Abraham Lincoln: A distraught Tara sends Abe the Cricket back to the Fountain, telling him she doesn’t want him to get hurt.

Leuthilalda: Will discovers that trying to work with evil men is not much better than trying to work with evil vampires

Coraline: Olivia's contractions begin while she and Lianna are returning to Ditto Town. Lianna calls for help.

Starkat: Katherine meets with Talia and Ryder. Talia tells them of a past that the two of them never new about. A/N I'm deliberately not saying what because I'm hoping you'll read the entire segment. *face turns red*

Levibarjonas: Jealous jester concocts a plot. Plots he's got--quite a lot.

Leuthilalda: Will is let go by the org men, because they don't have time to torment him

Ryadian: Brianna and J'aec exchange greetings. J'aec finds out that Brianna is out on patrol and asks to go with her. She says yes.

Leuthilalda: The travelers go into dittotown. Shasta discovers a wallet with a strange card in it

BERNINBUSH: Tara goes to Miriam’s dell to get over her shock. She received a letter from Elana Criton of the Organization saying they have kidnapped Tara’s youngest sister Angela. Tara has a week to turn over the pink globe, or Angela will be threatened.

Page 14:

Leuthilalda: Toby and Shasta go to meet MP while Rose and Sea-Lily go to the Inn Between. Shasta realizes this is the Star Lady, and they talk, agreeing to talk again later

Leuthilalda: Toby gives Boo-kay a piece of his mind

Halrandir: A lone figure stumbles across Ditto Town, steals some food, and observes the town from a distance before going to sleep. ~ A few weeks earlier, a coroner is autopsying a body. During the autopsy the body wakes up.

Cymru: We learn more about Giles and his motivations throughout his life - particularly the birth of his love for Cymru. He and Iaffn have traveled for 3 days and are about to part ways. Settling into a misty night camp for rest, Giles is startled to realize that they are surrounded.

BERNINBUSH: Ashley reflects on the recent disturbing developments in the town and makes plans to deputize Ditto citizens to go on patrol. She reflects on the two mysterious crystals, now locked in her safe, and on Vanessa who shares the secret with her.

Leuthilalda: Will tries to be bad one more time, but realizes he doesn't really want to do it.

Cymru: Giles and Iaffn find themselves the captives of a small army of vampires that clearly seem to be followers of the Dark Fancier. Giles lies to them about their destination and their purpose and, through careful questions, is able to learn of their connection to the DF without revealing anything about themselves. The conversation takes a surprise turn when the leader of this band binds himself to Giles in service.

Wyntre_rose: Oceana, Collhyn and Ekko return to Ditto Town, and Oceana does something silly

BERNINBUSH: Tara recalls a conversation with her father and realizes she cannot give the Organization the globe. She begins to develop a plan to rescue Angela on her own.

Leuthilalda: Will's life changes

Cymru: Giles reveals to his new friend, Marius, the secret of his having tasted man and having been freed from it. He also tells him about Cymru and draws upon Marius' promise that he has bound himself to him.

Jints: Chica, Erik and Abby go to get some food and meet Hugh

Jints: Chica uses her breath to cool her porage and tell her story

JillPole: Eruhan and Oceana finally go out together. But Oceana is upset when she sees him kiss Aria.

Page 15:

Cymru: We learn Marius sad history first with the Organization and then with the Dark Fancier. He in turn, listens with relish to Giles' description of Cymru and pledges is devotion to protecting her. Giles, who had not realized til this offer, the turmoil he had supressed within himself, weeps in thanksgiving.

Leuthilalda: Toby offers assistance to the town, and learns new information about it.

JillPole: Aria and Eruhan reveal to a confused Oceana that they are first cousins. Eruhan and Oceana resume their pleasant evening.

Master oliver: J'aec and Brianna go out on a night patrol, finiding some trouble that requires their attention along the way

Ryadian: Brianna and J’aec take out some bandits waiting to ambush a traveler and bring them to jail.

EasternMarshes: Frith gives the jester much trouble, he will not abide his double

SirVincent: Shasta, Sea-Lily and Bob the Pony enter the wardrobe near the fountain and discover that it is a TARDIS which is a ship that can travel through space and time. They learn this as Shasta begins to get his memory back.

Stardf29: A short town-wide power outage intrigues Isaac as he eats dinner with Song and Tyler. Afterwards, the three go to an empty lot near the Astronomical Emporium where Isaac will grow a garden where Song and Tyler's wedding will take place. While there, Isaac reunites with Reese. Back at his ship, Isaac draws up a blueprint of the garden, trains some more, and stealtily flies his ship into Ditto Town.

Ryadian: Phoenix Archer talks to Ditto-Bot about what happened in the woods (the part the Yves allowed her to tell, that is). Then, she went home and informed Anna and Diana that the next morning, she would take Diana with her to investigate the power plant a little better.

Ryadian: Phoenix Archer and Diana investigate the power plant soon after sunrise. Diana senses the ice under the hook, and removes it. They try to figure it out. Meanwhile, the woman finds out about the ice, and finds out that someone found the hook. She contacts a team that she sent over there to find out what’s happening and tells them to find out who it is.

Earel Alquawen: MM calls in the SHORT Patrol to help follow two men who say they know another entrance to the Fountain.

Halrandir: A police inspector goes to talk to a man who just "came back from the dead." The man won't speak to her. He dissapears from his hospital bed. He knocks a man unconscious and steals his clothes. He hitchhikes and later hikes for several weeks until he finds a town called Ditto Town.

Starkat: Ryder, Katherine, and Talia head off to meet Lianna and Olivia

Coraline: Lianna and Olivia hurry towards town, meeting up with Katherine, Ryder, and Talia on the outskirts. Olivia can't go any further, as her baby is about to be born. At the end, the baby is delivered successfully, and is named Verena Gibson.