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Ditto Story Index Pages 16-20

Page 16:

Shawna: Some of the vamps discuss the VF's absence and the meaning of life. Spike sneaks away.

Starkat: Lia, Liv, Verena, Kat, Talia, and Ryder return to town.

Starkat:Everyone settles in at the Ditto Mansion. Katherine and Lianna talk. Katherine has another headache and Ryder comes out and helps her.

JillPole: Fliers go about town announcing the grand opening of the Monmouth Memorial Astronomical Emporium and the marriage of "two as-yet unnamed parties" to be held the following day.

Earel Alquawen: Baanah further explains his 'plan' for finding the Fountain. Julius and Orlo following. Sort of.

Shawna: Spike meets a strange new vamp in the woods. She calls herself Jona and appears to be from some other place.

GreenLady76: no summary

GreenLady76: Darien prepares to go in search of Lark. He brings Lark's dog Avalon and her hermit crab Spike. He is stopped just in front of Lark's old house.

Leuthilalda: Will prays to be kept from hurting any beast with a soul, and befriends Abraham Lincoln.

Shawna: Jona reacts strangely to the rabbit Spike gets her, saying that her people don't drink blood from the body. Spike asks her where she's from, but she doesn't answer. They head for Ditto Town.

Leuthilalda: Will meets another friend, Bob Saget, at the fountain, and finds they can talk together.

BERNINBUSH: Tara leaves a note on Kat’s door saying that she is moving the globe to a safer hiding place. An Org spy who is following her reads the note and plans to capture the globe when she uncovers it.

GreenLady76: Marion LeFaye, Lark's grandmere, catches Darien as he sneaks out in search of Lark. She decides to go with him. They follow the wind, hoping that it will lead them to her.

Lysander: Another, mysterious vampire, named Alec, being sent to gather wood by his owner, has fallen for Jona and begins to follow she and Spike.

Page 17:

Stardf29: Isaac sets up a Teleportation Point in his ship, and walks outside to a large crowd, including Emily. Isaac tells Emily to put a notice that he has moved into town in the paper, and shoos most of the crowd away, but gives those who stay behind some audio tours of his ship and lets them explore as he goes to the Cup&Platter.

Leuthilalda: Rose has a dream about Shasta and Sea-Lily, where Aslan assures her all will be well.

BERNINBUSH: Tara turns the tables on the Org spy and follows him to his lair. She overhears him say that Angela is being held at the main Org headquarters, near The Boss’s office. She begins to make a rescue plan.

GreenLady76: A description of Marion LeFaye's dress. Later, when Marion's health begins to fail, Darien, Marion, Avalon and Spike take a rest.

Cymru: We find Cymru, some time after Giles departure, troubled by dreams and unable to sleep at night. She determines that she is going to become oriented to staying awake in the evenings as Giles does.

Coraline: Lianna and Katherine discuss Katherine's headaches, the newborn Verena, and getting an apartment for Olivia and Verena.

Stardf29: After fixing up the garden blueprint with Song and Tyler, Isaac goes to the empty lot, burns down all the weeds inside it, and fertilizes it. He then suggests to get a genetic duplicate of grass to put in the garden, but his idea gets an unusual reaction; Isaac senses that Song and Tyler are hiding something about the idea. However, they do permit him to proceed with the plan.

Frodo Lion: A new grey lion approaches DittoTown and meets Bob Saget the platypus at his fountain in the town square.

Cymru: Cymru has a mishap.

Jints: Chica and the Silvermoons part ways for a while.

Stargazer: Isaac's actions in the vacant lot get Erik's attention.

Stardf29: Isaac sits by the Ditto Town fountain on a break from work, but accidentally drops his not-waterproof communicator into the water. While he desperately tries to dry it, a Star Defender from his home universe, Laura Gerome, manages to reach him on the communicator. However, Isaac cannot communicate back, and eventually the signal is lost, and Isaac throws the communicator into the fountain.

AslanChild: Samuel, a Guardian (that is, a golden wolf with powerful white wings), enters Ditto Town in search of refuge.

Ellesar: Rana finally gets the courage to tell her mother what had happened that fateful day 2 years earlier after she has a terrible nightmare. The next day, Rana takes her mother to where her father and brother are buried. Alassiel manages to convince Rana that the accident wasn't her fault, and that she shouldn't let the past eat her up inside.

Page 18:

Starkat: A flashback to a conversation between Talia, Katherine, and Ryder. The decision is made to keep Katherine and Ryder's connection a secret. Speculation about why the water worked on Lianna, Katherine, and Olivia, but not others.

JillPole: Iaffn and Aria are reunited with Dr. Ivanos, the hologram from the last story, and he agrees to work for Aria.

Frodo Lion: Furry One the lion shapeshifter tells Bob Saget why he has no real name and where he came from.

BERNINBUSH: Tara learns that when she burns a branch from the Bernin Bush, it plays back sounds Miriam has “heard.” In this way, she learns that Olivia’s obsessed ex-husband Lance is Angela’s kidnapper. She makes plans to rescue Angela as soon as possible.

Ryadian: The team that the woman sent to find out was there nearly successfully capture Phoenix Archer and Diana, but they escape.

Ryadian: Harold, the leader of the team, reports back to the woman. She seems to recognize Diana and Phoenix Archer from their descriptions of them. The woman seems to know who Phoenix Archer is now.

Cyrmu: A strange sequence of events leads Cymru to speculate whether she's experiencing reality or merely dreaming. Someone dreams of Cymru's abduction.

Lysander: (post deleted)

Ryadian: Vanessa is walking through town, thinking about what happened the day before. Warren sees her, and recognizes her. The "woman" tells him to give her the "information", which turns out to be four separate locations. He tells her to inform the authorities. Vanessa is suspicious of him, but takes the information.

Lysander: (post deleted)

Earel Alquawen: Reechab and Baanah continue down the river searching for the entrance while Orlo and Julius find themselves in an unknown somewhere.

Queen Lucy: no summary

Ryadian: Ryana discusses what she learned with the phoenixes. Brianna then reminds her that she has to leave the next day. They agree to check it out, even though it means they’ll have to split up.

Ryadian: Phoenix Archer hears from the phoenixes that they found nothing at their locations. Phoenix Archer herself is about to turn around and go home when she falls through a trap door. She’s powerless for some odd reason, and she meets the "woman" face-to-face for the 2nd time.

Page 19:

Queen Lucy: no summary

Shastastwin: Greya, Lord of the Silver-Mane, and Torla Shobn arrive at Ditto Town. Torla follows Greya.

Shastastwin: Greya meets Bob Saget and goes to an old house on the outskirts of Ditto Town to stay for the night and perhaps longer. Torla lies in wait and ambushes the elf. She mentions that He and the Organization are connected. Bob shows up and Torla flees. Greya tells Bob that she mentioned the Organization. Bob says that this is not good. Greya then asks Bob to tell him all he knows of the Organization and to gather any others who might know about it.

Starkat: Katherine sneaks out in the middle of the night and is reunited with an old friend.

QueenLucy: no summary

JillPole: Aria meets the mysterious man who grew a garden miraculously beside the Astronomical Emporium and learns some interesting info.

JillPole: Drawings of the Emporium.

Stardf29: Isaac meets Aria and goes into her tent to discuss something; Isaac sees some mysterious stony figures that seem like living statues inside. Be sure to watch out for "Dream Watcher" sequences that revisit past events in Isaac's life.

JillPole: Thundershadow helps Aria prepare for the gala while saddening at having to leave Ditto Town. As she works, she senses someone else longing to go back to Narnia. Meanwhile, Aria leaves Isaac's ship, having gained useful information.

Shastastwin: Greya seeks Erik Silvermoon to see what he may find out about the Organization.

Stargazer: After Isaac leaves the vacant lot, Erik meets the elf Greya and they discuss the Org battle.

Shastastwin: Greya tells his story to Erik.

Alora-lindea: Aria gives Song some bad news, then the two sisters chat about the forthcoming wedding.

Stargazer: Erik and Greya continue their conversation.

Page 20:

Shastastwin: Greya and Erik are attacked by Torla.

Stargazer: Greya and Erik bring their new prisoner to the jail.

Alora-lindea: no summary

Stargazer: The gargoyles meet Isaac, the Star Defender.

Leuthilalda: Toby, paces, worried.

JillPole: The bachelor and bachelorette parties for Tyler and Song are thrown. Eruheran is shocked at his lack of courage in facing "that dream" and tells Oceana he must go away, to protect her from himself.

JillPole: Aria dresses and masks herself. Tours of the Emporium are given and Aria tries out the dance floor.

Shastastwin: Greya and Torla learn about each other and realise they have the same enemy - the Org.'s leader. They befriend each other, but still feel a bit uncomfortable, since the last 1000 years they have been enemies.

Starkat: Katherine and Ryder at the Emporium opening. Katherine is escorted by Gwanuig and reunites with Thundershadow.

Earel Alquawen: Manipulator of the Mundane wakes up and talks about her plans with Connor, in particular the one to raid the town. Town is raided on the night of the Emporium opening.

Shastastwin: Greya and Torla prepare for the Emporium Opening.

Coraline: Lianna gets ready for the masquerade, and gets befuddled by a time-travelling Olivia. During this segment, Verena is just cute.

GreenLady76: Lark imagines what the opening of the Emporium will be like, and examines her gown. She begins to wish Darien could be with her for the evening, but quickly dismisses the thought.

Leuthilalda: Toby is still worried about Rose being tired, so Aria checks her out.