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Ditto Story Index pages 21-25

Page 21:

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JillPole: The Emporium is officially opened! Aria gives a speech, indicating a mural painted by Song, which shows stars forming Ethan Monmouth's face, and announces not only the wedding of Song and Tyler to be held in three days, but that of Ingrid and Ornus, to be held that very moment.

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Stargazer: Erik and Abby meet Greya and Torla at the opening.

JillPole: As the party winds down, Aria delivers the evening's bad news. She will be leaving in three days, along with Thundershadow, Dr. Ivanos and several of her other crewmembers, to seek new worlds in the new spaceship, the Ditto StarSeeker. There is another reason, however, that she does not tell everyone: that her parents are somewhere in the cosomos, protecting something of great value to both the Organization and the Alliance.

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Cymru: no summary

Shastastwin: Greya and Torla attend the Emporium Opening.

Cymru: no summary

Cymru: no summary

Cymru: no summary

Cymru: no summary

Alora-lindea: Tyler and Song prepare for and attend the ball

Page 22:

Stardf29: Reese meets Thundershadow and reveals to her that he is a Narnian falcon. Thundershadow promises to show Reese a way back to Narnia under the condition that he tells Isaac the truth.

Ryadian: Diana and Anna go looking for Phoenix Archer, and when Anna gets too close, she’s knocked unconscious. Diana brings her back to the cottage and revives her. They realize that Anna was knocked out by anti-phoenix magic, so they need to get non-phoenix help.

Cymru: Cymru is approached by the stranger in black velvet who asks her to dance. He is cold and cruel and makes his intentions clear. He is after Giles and thinks Cymru may be of assistance to him. Will Davies interrupts this cruel dance, and the stranger, afraid to provoke the crowd of creatures, departs.

Stardf29: Isaac shows Aria the technology he uses for his spaceship, as part of Aria's preparations to explore the cosmos.

JillPole: Aria is intruiged by Isaac's technology, and asks him to come visit HER ship the following morning.

Stargazer: Erik and Abby Silvermoon request the honour of your presence at the joyous occasion of the delivery of Abby’s egg. Any writers may choose to have their characters present if they wish.

Stargazer: Thundershadow is overjoyed at Abby's delivery; the gargoyles accept their friends' congratulations.

Lysander: Yves (having just come from "rescuing" Grace and Rose from the vampire camp) enters the Emporium looking for Cymru, and meets her as Will is escorting her out.

JillPole: An hour before Song and Tyler's wedding ceremony begins, the bride and groom meet with Thundershadow, Erik, Abby, Aria, Euheran, and Oceana for a time of prayer, song, intimate conversations, heart-rending goodbyes, and fellowship that none were ever to forget.

AslanChild: Samuel goes to the local pub to get away from the vague feeling that something is following him.

Shawna: Jona and Spike discover Alec following them, though they get no answers from him but his name.

JillPole: Song and Tyler are married in the garden next to the Emporium.

Marigold Gamgee: Marian and co. go to the library. Dicks corrects errors on a paper by tapping on it with his foot. Seymour is interrupted by approaching footsteps.

Stardf29: Isaac visits Aria's spaceship to confirm that all is well. Reese tells Isaac that he is a Narnian falcon, and Isaac plans to take Reese to Narnia after the wedding.

Page 23:

JillPole: At the wedding reception, Aria gifts the bride and groom with the StarTracker, which will let them know the location of Aria and her crew. Half an hour later, the StarSeeker takes off.

Stardf29: Isaac goes into the forest again, this time to find a rare plant. He finds the plant, but gets attacked by evil vampires again. He defeats the army of vampires, but then gets attacked by a mysterious woman and is left unconcious. Just before Isaac gets taken away, a cloud of smoke appears and Isaac disappears.

Stardf29: Isaac wakes up to find himself in his spaceship, with one of his Star Defender friends, Nerrha. She explains how she ended up in Ditto Town by following a mysterious invitation...

BERNINBUSH: Shelly and Katy Freeway decide to host a baby shower for Abby and Olivia on May 31st.

BERNINBUSH: Angela is held next to a chamber in Org headquarters that can neutralize the Gibsons’ powers. Elana questions her, but is interrupted by Marsh saying that he may have a clue to the fountain’s secret entrance. Angela tries to escape but is caught by Lance. Marsh gets permission to follow up on the fountain clue himself.

Jints: no summary

Stargazer: Erik and Abby, alone in their rookery, reflect on the recent departure of their friends.

GreenLady76: Lark wakes up early, and reads about Queen Mab.

GreenLady76: After a few days of rest, Darien and Marion continue on their search for Lark. Marion decides to tell Darien the story of her granddaughter's heritage. Shortly afterwards, the two arrive in Ditto Town.

Shawna: Jona and Spike arrive at the compound. Samwise welcomes Jona and takes her to get something to drink, telling her there are some things she should know about the town before venturing further into it. While Samwise leads her to a building, Spike goes to the house.

Lysander: Alec waits at the gateway of the VF's compound.

Shastastwin: Greya first considers a gift for Erik and Abby’s child, then goes to tell them about it.

Starkat: Katherine and Ryder ride out to see Star's foal before the wedding. They return to town and then head for the wedding.

Jints: no summary

Page 24:

QueenLucy: When Robert whispered into Hannah's ear, he was telling her that Widlin burned down her home.

Stargazer: Erik and Greya discuss the elf's possible gift to the future hatchling

Stardf29: Isaac and Nerrha talk about the bachelorette party that Nerrha went to. Also, Isaac shows Nerrha the garden he was working on, and Nerrha agrees to help him finish it up.

Earel Alquawen: Orlo and Julius are rescued from the tree by the SHORT Patrol.

TirianSonofAdam: Kelian wakes up in a long series of ancient catacombs and tries to find his way out..

Earel Alquawen: Orlo and Julius are told what they are rescued from and everyone falls asleep with the expectation of catching Reechab and Baanah in the morning.

Jints: no summary

Stardf29: Isaac asks Nerrha to go to the Emporium opening masked ball with him, and they bring masks that make them look like each other. The two meet up with Rana, whom Isaac also asked some time ago to go to the ball with.

Jints: no summary

Shastastwin: Greya explains more about his gift to Erik.

TirianSonofAdam: Kelian remembers dreams from his Long Sleep, especially his dreams of a certain enchantress. After breaking out of the catacombs, he finds himself in the Great Hall of an ancient underground castle, and decides to seek the Great Wizard.

Shastastwin: Greya sees the future of Ditto Town displayed in his carving, then destroys the carving to save others from knowing.

Stargazer: Erik considers Greya's offer.

Leuthilalda: Rose reviews the events of the previous days.

Page 25:

Shastastwin: "He" has a discussion with Losf, whom he has employed to watch and aid attack against Ditto Town.

Aslanchild: Furry One and Samuel meet, eat, talk about their pasts and receive invitations to the opening of a new emporium. They decide to go together.

TirianSonofAdam: Kelian searches for the Great Wizard desperately, until he meets the Wizard in the form of a Lion. The Great Wizard releases Kelian into the forest and sets him on a path, and clothes him. Then Kellen sets off towards Ditto Town.

Leuthilalda: Toby and rose visit the post office, learn a little about Tara, and Rose is invited to the baby shower.

Cymru: Yves and Cymru are reunited. Yves learns that Giles has left Ditto Town and he also meets Will Davies.

Lysander: Yves takes Rose and Grace to the Inn Between, where he rents them a room. He agrees to come and fetch them at sunrise. Once he is gone, Grace reveals to Rose that she no longer frowns upon Yves nor loves the Dark Fancier, because she has found a better man.

BERNINBUSH: Tara breaks into the Org headquarters in an attempt to rescue Angela.

BERNINBUSH: Tara’s rescue attempt fails as Angela is re-captured. She is forced to run away without her.

Stardf29: Isaac escorts Rana and Nerrha back from the ball. Once at Rana's house, Isaac gives her a goodbye hug, and then tries to take Nerrha back to her ship. However, she runs off on her own, letting out words reflecting the jealousy in her heart.

BERNINBUSH: Elana tries to find out who made the rescue attempt, and learns it may be a woman. She orders that Angela be given no food until she talks.

Shawna: In the compound, Jona meets Leia, one of the youngest vamps, and finds out that the these young ones have apparently been the victims of a certain amount of propaganda and information-hiding, and everyone seems to be afraid of the vamps in power.

Cymru: Cymru and Will become more acquainted.

Lysander: While waiting for Jona to come out, his transmitter beeps. He stomps on it, severing his link from his owner, and begins to build a campfire.

Ryadian: Phoenix Archer and Hasaré, "the woman", have another argument. During the discussion, Phoenix Archer discovers that Hasaré is the one who stole the mysterious green crystals. She demands to know what Hasaré is planning, and she merely laughs it off and tells her that she "ought to have figured it out already". Phoenix Archer seems to realize that something bad is going to happen soon, and that Hasaré wants to use the crystal to accomplish her mother’s "dream".