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Ditto Story Index Pages 31-35

Page 31:

BERNINBUSH (for Earel Alquawen): MM learns about Ree and Banaah’s plot to blackmail the town, and she sets out to warn *word* Town of its danger. On the way, she runs into Tara.

BERNINBUSH: Tara tells MM her story. MM agrees to go into town and find Kat, so that they can all meet in a shed behind the Ditto Mansion.

Leuthilalda: Annaka, a non-talking pony owned by the organization, escapes, compelled by an urge she does not understand, to try to help Angela

Shastastwin: Chase meets Aslan and gets set straight. Rana finds Chase.

Leuthilalda: Bob goes to the outskirts of town for fresh grass, and meets an exhausted and depressed Annaka. He realizes that Aslan is leading her there, and suggests he stay with her for now.

Stargazer: Abby and Chava visit the MacCormic Gardens and then meet Lark at the Cup & Platter

Starkat: MM goes in search of the Ditto Rider

Starkat: Retz finds Katherine and leads her to the Manipulator of the Mudane.

Lysander: Yves and Will fight, the first somewhat more willingly than the 2nd. After they are done, Marcus helps Yves inside.

Stargazer: Ryder is surprised to meet a rather large gargoyle, but makes a new friend

Shastastwin: Greya has a dream in his fever.

BERNINBUSH: Tara meets Ditto Kitty, and they form an uneasy alliance.

Cymru: Tension grows between Cymru and her sister over Will Davies. Will and Cymru reconcile.

Leuthilalda: Bob and Annaka decide to go into the stable, to allow Annaka to get some oats. Bob sees MM there, and decides to keep an eye on her.

Page 32:

Starkat: Katherine talks with the Manipulator of the Mudane and goes to recruit help

Leuthilalda: Bob overhears the conversation between Katherine and Mani, and realizes that Angela is probably the girl Annaka wants to rescue. They go to the shed.

Cymru: Will and Cymru have a strange encounter as Will (who we now know is Giles) finds his physiological state to be more of a problem than he realized.

Cymru: Will wakes to find Iaffn who is wondering where Cymru has gone. He decides to go after her.

Shastastwin: Kar hears the conversation between MM and Katherine, then finds Katherine outside the shed and asks to join the mission.

Stargazer: Erik introduces Ryder to Abby and explains the mission to her

Cymru: Will finds Cymru in the forest and they have a grand adventure.

Lysander: Marcus and Yves discuss the “moment” he had with Cymru, the sometimes destructive powers of love, and the possible results of his fight with Will. Rose enters and is introduced to Marcus.

Leuthilalda: Will the possum has a strange dream

Stardf29: Erik and Ryder ask Isaac, Nerrha, and Friend of Ditto to help out with the mission to rescue Tara's sister. They agree, but Nerrha has to go back into the forest to get her sword. While there, the two Star Defenders run into Rana and Chase, and manage to get their help for the mission as well.

JillPole: see below

JillPole: Eruheran journeys to find his old master, and the StarSeeker sends home some messages.

BERNINBUSH: Trusted citizens of Ditto Town gather to hear Tara and Mani’s stories, and to help with a rescue mission.

Starkat: Katherine retrieves something from the Ditto Team HQ.

Page 33:

Leuthilalda: The ponies enter the shed. Annaka realizes that this must be the girl she knew's sister. They listen to the story.

Cymru: Will realizes he's being watched.

BERNINBUSH: Tara, the Gibsons, and the townspeople plan a way to rescue Angela, stop the spies, and find the Fountain

Leuthilalda: Bob figures out how to create a diversion, and volunteers.

Shastastwin: Kar talks with Chase and learns that the man responsible for his family's death is also a shdow of Chase's past. He and Chase recognize something in each other, but they are not sure what.

BERNINBUSH: Elana reveals that she has planned a trap.

Aslanboy2180: no summary

Aslans_Mane: Fredrick overhears the meeting in the shed, and flies off to tell Rachel and Molly

Earel Alquawen: no summary

Leuthilalda: The Narnian rescue team feel led to pray for Bob the Pony and to journey to the place where Toby and the team left Narnia.

Lysander: Yves suspects Cymru is in love with Will and decides to avoid her so she will have to come to him and apologize as best she may

Cymru: Cymru presses further on her suspicions. Will grows anxious.

Cymru: no summary

Cymru: Cymru encounters her sister for the first time since the evening before.

Page 34:

Leuthilalda: Bob and Annaka are riding in the spaceship, and Bob begins to realize new feelings for Annaka, leaving him somewhat confused.

Cymru: Cymru contemplates her sister's words in the heavy fog which has enveloped Ditto Town. As she does so, she's terrified to find that she's not alone.

Cymru: We find out more about Will's physiological changes. As Will is perusing the apothecary garden, he runs into Katherine - whose mental connection to her old friend recognizes him at once.

Cymru: Marcus is given the chance to sooth Cymru's troubled heart.

Varnafinde: Varnafinde the Elf comes to Ditto Town and meets some of its citizens.

GreenLady76: Lark is settling down to her pile of flapjacks when Abby and Chava enter. The three eat breakfast together, and Lark and Abby discuss the possibility of Lark moving into the Emporium.

Leuthilalda: Toby goes to see the new rescue center.

Leuthilalda: Rose goes into the square and is almost kidnapped. Will rescues her

Leuthilalda: Will turns out to be all right. The man is arrested, and Will, Rose, and Bob Saget talk. A woman comes into the square crying.

Aslans_Mane: Rachel hears Fredrick's news, and becomes very angry with the Organization. A set of armour is revealed under her bed in an old chest. We find out a small bit of Rachel's family history.

Earel Alquawen: see below

Earel Alquawen: see below

Earel Alquawen: see below

Earel Alquawen: MM and her hamsters arrive at the Outpost, where Ree and Baan have gone. The Org has discovered that the Fountain has another entrance and MM calls to the others to begin their attack.

Page 35:

Starkat: The Fire Group gets the go ahead signal and Katherine teleports in. She ends up over her head and in major trouble

Shastastwin: Torla sits on the Fountain and begins to cry. Rose, Will, and Bob Saget go with her back to her and Greya's home. They give Greya some Kingsfoil and his fever breaks.

Aslans_Mane: see below

Aslans_Mane: Rachel, Fredrick, and Molly, begin their journey to the Org headquarters.

Stargazer: Two unexpected visitors get into the Emporium

GreenLady76: Lark goes to the Inn Between to gather her things and joke with Boo-Kay.

GreenLady76: Lark and Darien meet once again. Lark explains her behavior and asks him once more to leave before the man from the Organization can find them.

BERNINBUSH: Team Fire realizes that something bad has happened to Katherine, and they agree that Tara will go in to rescue her with "Plan G."

Stardf29: The diversionary team pulls off a successful attack on a side of the compound, cracking a wall to allow Kar inside. However, a surprise explosion knocks Isaac and Nerrha out, and two mysterious people enter the smoke; when everything clears up, Isaac and Nerrha are nowhere to be seen.

BERNINBUSH: Tara tries to make a deal with the Org where she hands over the pink globe in exchange for Katherine and Angela. But the Org finds the globe on their own.

Shastastwin: Kar enters the compound and seeks the one who is responsible for his family's death. He frees a gargoyle on the way. He encounters John, who reveals that Kar's neice died and his nephew is alive...and someone Kar has met recently. John is killed.

Starkat: Tara cuts off the rays, making Katherine able to teleport out of the room

Stargazer: Erik and Lianna (as an eagle) rescue Tara and Katherine from the Organization compound

Starkat: Erik and Lianna return to their hiding spot. Lianna gives Katherine something to counteract the drugs in her system