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Story 6 Timeline

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Dittopia Story 6 timeline

Up to date as of (real-time) August 21, 2005, 9:05 PM CDT

April 28

Katherine leaves her family.

May 4

Ditto Bot made

Oceana leaves with her two companions

May 9

Ditto Bot asks if he can have a little brother

May 11


Mini Bot finished.

Lark tries to use her power to help clean the Inn Between, and causes a mess.


Aria shows Eric and Abby around the Astronomical Emporium (AE) including the Secure Rookery.

MM surveys the town, and wishes for more originals recruits to fight the growing population of dittopians.


Dittohunter and Galacia have a talk about the past (lasting into morning of May 12).

Lark meets Erik, and agree to meet later at the pub to discuss the Fae. Erik caries the ladder back, and passes by Darnia, who falls down trying to see who it is. Later, Erik and Abby have to tell Lark that her Grandmother wasn’t queen Mab’s sister. Lark finally sleeps in windowsill.

May 12


Lianna and Olivia pack and leave Dittotown.

Katherine meets her mother.

Issac lands in dittopia and discovers that he has lost much of his power. Rana goes for a walk and meets Issac, inviting him to dinner.

Cymru and Yves have a lovely breakfast together. Yves gets a job finding a cat, but finds that an evil vampire has killed it. He goes to the VF’s compound, and leaves a message with Methos.

NN falls from a tree, and is embarrassed.

Ryder comes into town, talks to Hugh, asks for repair work, and gets room at Inn Between. Lark wakes up and throws a book at someone she thinks is a burgler, but who turns out to be Ryder. BooKay makes her fix the lock, but Ryder helps her. Then he goes for a long ride.

Rodo and Soras come into Dittotown. They get involved in a fight in the Cup and Platter. Hugh asks Tara, who was a witness, to go get Ryder.

Ryder, Rodo, Soras, Tara, and Hugh repair the Inn between.

Julius meets a hamster, who takes him to MM’s headquarters to join the anti-ditto league. She meets him, and says she has a job to test him.

Song goes for the day, to make a gift for her fiancé.

Chica rides into town on a rabbit. Lands at the fountain. Hides. Searches for a place to spend the night, and finds a nice rock.


Lithoniel is rescued by the Griffin. They fly to his nest, and she sleeps.

Rodo finds the dragon’s lair, and gets some gold. He then rents room at Inn Between.


The rescue team enters Dittopia, from Narnia, through the wood between the worlds. (ODT) Will secretly follows after them. RoseB has a dream during the night, which indicates the org is still active.

Oceana and friends find a nice place to rest next to a lake.

The Gibson sisters camp for the night, and discuss the reason for their journey.

Issac has dinner at Rana’s house. He then goes, and gives an interview to Emily, in hopes of finding work. He finds a hairbrush in the fountain, and goes back to his ship.

Cymru and Yves quarrel.

Abby is worried about Lark; she suggests a movie. Erik, while at the Astro Emporium, is flabbergasted to see Thundershadow appear. He calls to Abby who makes sure Lark is ok, then comes and also greets Thundershadow. Thundershadow explains how she was healed.

May 13


Rodo wakes, talks to BooKay and Hugh, and goes scouting.

Rana walks in the woods, and stays for the entire day.

Yves and Cymru are out of sorts at breakfast.

The griffin takes Lithoniel to dittotown, and gives her some money for clothes. She goes in, walks around for awhile, and meets DARNIA, who shows her the clothing store. She goes in, but the shopkeeper gives her clothes, and says they are a gift. They start to talk.

Issac goes out for a run, and is attacked by evil vampires. Yves finds him injured and takes him back to the apothecary, where Giles looks after him. Then Yves disappears.

Tara goes for a morning walk. She looks into the pink globe, and sees the Gibson sisters still asleep in their camp. She also sees Kat fall off the horse, when spooked by a rabbit. She finds the Bernin Bush. She has to hurry to get back, and nearly runs into Tyler’s horse. He gives her a ride.

A wardrobe suddenly appears. A man comes out and asks for MP, and then passes out. He is replaced by a 10-year old boy with amnesia. The boy drinks, starts to look for a lady he has in a vision, and then decides to go to the woods to get berries for food.

Toby, RoseB, Sea-Lily, and Bob the Pony leave their camping spot, and come to the AstroEmp. They meet the TE. Sea-lily sneaks off and finds the boy (later named Shasta). She tells their story and brings him back to the group. Meanwhile, Erik, Abby, and Thundershadow appear, and the TE falls. Toby meets Sea-Lily, scolds her for running off, but realizes that it was God’s provision. They agree that the boy will be called Shasta. The TE gets up, and the rescue team and the TE and Thundershadow talks. The TE invites the team to go ask her foreman for help setting up the mission. About this time, Bob has already gone off in that direction to see the other Narnian animals. Abby goes to check on Lark. Erik goes to sleep. Thundershadow goes looking for someone.

Chica wanders around from now until eve, exploring the town.

Lark wakes with a bad dream, and prays that Darien will never come, so that he may be kept safe.

Greya and Torla arrive in Ditto Town.


Vanessa revisits the dig and senses someone watching her. That person calls in to some central location.

Cymru has a talk with her father, and cheers up. She then works in her garden. When Issac wakes up, and Giles goes to meet Cymru, promising to bring back dinner.. Issac has a flashback dream, and wakes to find a voicemail from Tyler. Reese is anxiously looking for Issac, and gets an unusual thought. Giles and Cymru talk, but then she faints. They talk some more, and Giles, jealous at Yves, leaves. He has a lot on his mind and doesn’t want to talk to Issac about it. Issac goes to C&P to get dinner.

Rodo and Soras see a red dragon and start to follow it. The find his cave, but then Soras sees Cookie unconscious, and takes him back to the apothecary’s shop (Tara suggests it, while she is on a break). Giles (after having left Cymru) attends him for about 2 hours.

Oceania’s friends leave her for awhile. She is captured in a net by Eruheran, who releases her.

Lianna captures Lance, and they take him to their parent’s home. Lianna takes him downstairs, ties him up and confronts him. Olivia goes into her room. There is a scream and the sister find an older Olivia, who warns them about Lance again, and indicates, apparently, that Liana has died in her time. She disappears, and lets Lance go with threats. They leave.

Kat sends Tel with a message to Tara. She finds the message while she is on break. In getting string to send the message back, she encounters Lara in the bar. Lara almost persuades her to rejoin the organization, but she at the last minute refuses, allowing however Lana to leave. She goes to her room and cries.

Kat and Ryder have simultaneous strange feelings. Ryder thinks of his past, goes back to town, seeing two hamsters going by, and starts to fix some machines for Hugh.

Cerberus sorrows at Yves’ leaving. Marcus befriends him.

Toby, RoseB, Sea-Lily, Shasta go down to meat Rantim and discuss mission building. Rantim gives several veiled prophecies and suggests they go to see the MP.

MP and Shasta discuss his card. Shasta enters the TARDIS and regains his memory.


Cymru tries to find Rocks, cannot, comes back to the Cup and Platter, and goes up and talks with Tara, agreeing that she can have the time off. Later Tara wakes and realizes that Lara stole the note to Kat, but decides to wait until morning to do anything. Cymru comes back down, and is persuaded to go talk to Giles. She catches him in the midst of getting stuff for Cookie, and they talk. Giles finds out she loves him, but is mysterious. Marcus and Iaffin talk in the C&P. Cymru tells Iaffin about Giles, and he goes to talk to him, after comforting her. Iaffin goes to Giles and discusses the situation with him. Giles comes back and tells some of what is happening to Cymru. They depart at dawn.

Cookie wakes, and tells the first part of his story.

Issac, at C&P, reads news, gets dinner, and meets Tyler who wants to talk about his wedding plans. He agrees to make a garden for the wedding.

The “boss” and her minions talk about Vanessa’s investigation. They set out on a quest to steal Dittotown’s electricity. They go to the power plant, and attach a wire to it causing a power blackout, and starting to syphon off power.

Yves is walking, when he is captured by evil vampires and the Dark Fancier’s lady (Grace). He is taken to a shack, where he also meets RoseD, her sister. RoseD and Grace discuss Yves while going to bed.

Vanessa gets back to her house, and comforts Brianna, who is about to turn 18. They both go flying, then split up.

Vanessa meets DittoBot. The lights go out in the city, momentarily. Ditto-bot and Vanessa go to the power plant. Not finding anything there, they go back near the dig, and discover the vampire camp, with Yves prisoner. Vanessa sends Ditto-bot back for reinforcements. She is then able to rescue Yves. She puts him down at the edge of the woods, and they separate.

Brianna, after splitting up, enjoys flying, finally finding J’aec at the Inn Between, where he has been lost in thought, remembering with sorrow the past. They prevent some bandits from attacking a traveller.

Chica, just before sunset, finds the AE, and climbs to the roof, and to the top of Erik. He wakes at sunset, and “captures” her. They become friends, and talk and look at stars. He tells her about the town, and offers her a place to stay and food. She meets Abby.

Greya talks to Bob Saget and is attacked by Torla.

Iaffin awakens hologram Alexsei Ivanos, who agrees to help Aria.

Jean and Claude the ghosts make mischief with the tap on the power station.

May 14


Giles and Iaffin depart at dawn (see entry for last night).

Rodo finds that Giles has left for awhile. He and Soras hear the rest of the Monkey’s story. They decide to rescue his companions, if possible, and to allow him to come along. They find a dragon’s cave and have a short fight with it, then Rodo has an idea to go to the other cave. They get there, and Cookie kills a dragon. They explore passage, but are chased out, and decide to go back to town.

RoseD makes breakfast, and decides to check on Yves. They discover he has been rescued. Grace threatens to kill RoseD if she marries him.

Tara has a bad dream, and then wakes and decides to leave, telling Hugh, who gives her some supplies. She goes off, intending to stay by Bernin Bush until she can contact the Gibsons and warn them.

Yves goes through the woods between the worlds, to his own world (ODT).

RoseB has a nightmare about Shasta and Sea Lily.

Marion, Seymour, and Dickcissel arrive from Earth (see ODT). They object to the name of the town. They move towards the C&P.

Erik and Abby take Chica to breakfast at the Cup and Platter.

Isaac plants Song and Tyler’s garden.

Greya meets Erik. Torla attacks them, and goes to jail.

Harold unsuccessfully attacks the Phoenix Archer and Diana.

Isaac gives tours of his ship.

Toby meets Emily and puts a notice of his healing services in the paper.


Rondo, Saros, Cookie get back to town. Rondo and Saros go to library and meet Lucy, who helps them find a book on dragons, while complaining of how she needs help. Cookie goes to the mechanic’s and gets translators.

Katherine visits the Ditto Team headquarters, and then meets Ryder, who escorts her to town over her objections. They part, and Ryder, who is confused about Kat, goes to his room at the Inn Between, and calls his Aunt Talia.

Marian goes into the C&P. She asks about work, and Nennare comes in to indicate that Lucy needs help at the library. They go there, and Nennare indicates that she can show them where to stay. Marian enters the library.

Frith issues challenge to become the jester of Dittotown. The EO answers him, and they discuss. The EO leads him to a room in the Looney Asylum, and then leaves him.

Isaac is contacted by the Star Defenders but is unable to respond.


Julius with a hamster patrol come into the town and “decorate” it. They leave, and go to a clearing, where MM compliments him. Connor is bothered by something, and wants MM to see.

Lianna and Olivia travel to the Gibson’s lab, and go inside.

Katherine comes into town, having split from Ryder. Goes to look at the VF compound. Comes back to the Ditto Mansion, and sees hamster patrol leaving town. Cleans up the originals stuff. Is “captured” by an alliance man, and they discuss the situation in the Absolutely man’s old house. Emily discovers them, but is warned to keep quiet. The alliance operator leaves, and the EO sees him, (after walking for awhile through the town) and has a conference with Kat, wherein he is also warned to secrecy for now.

Frith and the Dittofool have a discussion.

Rodo, Saros and Cookie see a black dragon, some Orcs and a Cyclops. The follow and kill the dragon. They then follow the others. Lithoniel takes a walk, coming towards dittotown. She meets the Orcs and Cyclops, and starts to fight. Rodo, etc. join her fight against the orcs. Most orcs and the Cyclops are killed.

Joey the ewok comes into Dittopia from an ODT (not specified) sees the Cyclops and the orcs, and then kills a green dragon. He goes into dittotown, and meets Hugh. He goes to look for a place to stay.

Rose Banks learns she’s pregnant with twins.

May 15


-Lianna and Olivia enter their parents’ old lab and receive a message from the Alliance that they’re in danger.


Yves comes back from his world (ODT) and comes back to the Vamp compound. He “kidnaps” Grace and RoseD.

Lara gives Elana the note. Elana talks with Marsh about her plans. She then goes, and meets with Lance, to plan the kidnapping of Olivia, and introduces him to the pirates.-Wink enters into Dittopia from an ODT (NEVERLAND. Not listed below; there were no timed events, particularly).

Warren gives Phoenix Archer information to lure her to a house.

Will the Possum is captured by vampires then released. He’s later captured then released by humans.


-Aria, Eruheran, and Oceana have dreams.

May 16


-(Just after midnight) Darien sets out to find Lark, and runs into Grandmere.

-Phoenix Archer is abducted by Hasare.

-Will the Possum has a change of heart.

-Aunt Talia shows up in Ditto Town and finds Ryder.

-Oceana decides to return to Ditto Town.


-The phoenixes are attacked while looking for Ryana, and decide to ask the town for help.

-MM overhears Ree and Baanah plotting to find the fountain. She sends Orlo and Julius to trail them while she activates the Short Patrol. Orlo and Julius are swallowed by a tree.


-Orlo and Julius are rescued from the tree.

-The entry which records Bernin Bush’s thoughts at the time.

-Giles and Iaffin meet Marius and the vampires.

-Kat learns that Ryder is her brother, and Olivia gives birth to Verena. Ryder cures Kat’s headache.

-Frith puts a notice of the Jester Competition in the Dittopian Thread.

-Oceana and Eruheran go to dinner. Oceana learns Eruheran and Aria are cousins.

-Cymru is abducted.

May 17

-Furry One meets Bob Saget in the TS, and later Samuel in the C&P.


-Darien and Grandmere stop to rest.

-Tara learns Angela has been kidnapped.


-Tara sets a trap for the Org spy, follows him to his hideout, and learns where Angela is being held.

-Frith drugs the Ditto Fool’s drink.


-Aria meets Isaac.

-Thundershadow talks to Reese.

-Aria, Isaac, Erik and Abby meet. Aria announces she’s leaving.

-Isaac gives Aria his space travel secrets.

-Tara camps by the Bernin Bush and learns her secret talent.

-Will the Possum meets Abe.

May 18


-Isaac sees Aria’s spaceship and learns Reese can talk.

-Flyers announcing the opening of the Emporium are distributed. Lark asks Boo Kay to be her date.

-Will the Possum meets Bob.

-Cymru wakes in a strange room and is offered wine.

-Iaffin and Will set out for Ditto Town, after dreaming of Cymru’s abduction.

May 19

-Losf talks to the Org.

-Elana tries to get information from Angela. Marsh sets out to find the Fountain.

-Kelian awakes.

-Kelian finds the Great Wizard.

-Kat goes riding with Gwanuig and has a bad headache.

-Cymru wakes in her room in the Cup and Platter.


-Nerrha appears and rescues Isaac from vampires.


Bachelor and Bachelorette parties

May 20


Eruheran tells Oceana he must leave Ditto Town for a while

Hannah dreams about Widlin.


-Song goes to her secret place to prepare a gift for Tyler.

-Torla has a change of heart.

-The Gibsons go into town together.

-Tara makes a failed attempt to rescue Angela.


-The opening of the Emporium (party!) and all associated events. Yves, Grace, Rose, Iaffin, and Will all show up, as well as the stranger who threatens Cymru.

-Yves checks Grace and Rose into the Inn Between

May 21


-Abby lays an egg.

May 22


-Greya offers to make the gargoyle baby free of stone sleep.

-Greya makes a prophecy.

-Chica goes into the woods to find Whip.

-Snails plan baby shower for Abby and Olivia.


-Rose invited to baby shower.


-Hannah sees Widlin. Fawnla has a dream and says they need to get out of Ditto Town.

May 23


-Hannah and Fawnla call the fairies; Widlin threatens to burn Ditto Town.


-Song and Tyler’s wedding.


-Chica finds Whip.

-Aria’s spaceship takes off.

May 24


-Abby and Chica plan to tour the town.

-Lark has an odd dream. Darien and Grandmere arrive in Ditto Town.

These events, as of yet, offer no clue as to their time:
-Spike slips out of the VF’s compound and meets Jona.
-Spike realizes Alec is following them.
-Spike and Jona arrive at the VF’s compound at daybreak.
-Hal’s character in the hospital gown enters Ditto Town
  1. Italics are used to indicate that this is a segment placed in this time period for convenience. It may be changed later,if needed, without causing problems. Note however, that some italicized segments may be tied together, and may require moving as a group.
  2. (ODT) means off-ditto-time. See Non-Dittopian Time Events, below.
  3. The following naming convention is used for certain characters to distinguish people with the same first name.
Name in timeline Full name/species

RoseB Rose Banks, hobbit, wife of Toby.

RoseD Rose Dwyer, human, sister of Grace.

Brianna Also called Rose, Phoenix.

Diana Also called Sara, Phoenix

Anna Also called Tara, Phoenix

Vanessa Also called Ryanna, Phoenix Archer.

Tara Tara Brecker, Human

Shasta Boy appearing in town square.

  1. Abbreviations:

AE Astronomical Emporium.

C&P Cup and platter.

EO Eternal Ophthamist

MP Miss President (Ashley)

ODT Off ditto time.

VF Vampire Fancier.

Non-Dittopian Time events.

  1. (Narnian time) Before the rescue team enters dittopia.

Day 1 – Evening (to morning of day 2) This is a day in the year 28 years after they entered Narnia, and therefore 29 years after the ascention of King Rilian.

Toby receives call to leave Narnia and go to Dittopia. RoseB receives a dream displaying some of the events of the first battle for Dittotown against the orginization, and indicating that they are to move there.

Day 2

Morning - Toby and RoseB discuss the dream that they have had.

Evening – Bob the Pony mulls over his life in Narnia

Day 4

Morning – Sea-Lily is sad as she gets ready to leave. She decides to visit some of her tree-friends. Toby and RoseB talk about her, and about leaving.

Day 5

Afternoon – The team says its goodbyes. Tuminariam and Sea-Lily go to say good by to tree sprites. Stormhoof arrives, and joins the Narnian Rescue team. The soon-to-be Dittopian team leaves.

Evening – The team goes through the woods between the worlds, followed by Fitzwilliam. They enter into Dittopian time as the evening of May 12.

  1. (Yves’ world time)

Untold days: Yves travels from his entrance point to his old town.

Day D: Yves goes to a track where he grew up, and dreams of Ellen. They talk, and she indicates that he may have another woman at the end of the race, but that she will still cheer him on.

Day D+1: Yves is confronted by the track coach and wins a race. He is then attacked by the coach, Ellen’s father, after he finds out who he is. Yves explains what happened, and the father tells of a dream of Ellen last night, and lets Yves go, giving him a ring. When he puts on the ring, he suddenly realizes that he needs to go back to Dittopia, and right many wrongs, and that is what Ellen wants him to do.

  1. (Earth time)

Day 1. Darien gets a letter saying that Lark is not at her aunt’s.

  1. (Earth time)

Marian, Seymour, Dickcissel get ready to go to Europe. Looks at Marigolds, which become a lion (I assume Aslan :) ) He makes Seymour and Dickcissel talking animals and sends them all into Dittopia, where they arrive on the morning of May 14.